Do you own your domain and website?

Here I’m going to share a few basics on why it’s crucial for you to own your domain and website.

Take control.

  1. Secure Ownership: Always register your domain under your name, not your website designer’s/developer’s, to maintain full control.
  2. Protect Access: Keep login details safe by emailing them to yourself, storing them on secure platforms like Google Drive, and making local backups.

If you’re not tech-savvy, we’re here to help.

As for which hosting company to use, we highly recommend you use Afrihost (

Why Afrihost?

  • Great Support: Afrihost offers exceptional assistance, often going above and beyond for your peace of mind.
  • Privacy Assurance: They also ensure privacy by separating client and designer/developer areas, enhancing security. Designers/developers only get access to cPanel.

Remember to pay on time though, to avoid service suspension. They aren’t very lenient with late payments.

The Risks of Limited Ownership:

  • Potential Disruptions: Without ownership, you risk unexpected site shutdowns if your designer/developer faces payment issues.
  • Control Challenges: A designer/developer could restrict access, hampering your ability to switch providers or make changes.

Key Ownership Steps:

  • Register Yourself: Ensure your domain is registered in your name with securely stored login details.
  • Administrator Access: Obtain administrator rights and change passwords once the site is transferred.

Taking these steps reduces the risk of designers//developers using questionable tactics. Take control of your online presence—own your domain and website today.